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Do distractions hold you back?

Distractions sneak in from the enemy of your purpose and progress.

As a social people person, I often welcome them. Some creep in, but sometimes they show up, shouting and throwing open the door to grab my attention! They vary from a welcome call from a friend to cute Youtube videos or discovering your refrigerator stopped cooling or your identity has been compromised. Some must be dealt with, but right now? Well, there’s the rub, isn’t it? Then you wonder at days end what you accomplished (or didn’t) for the day. You were so busy all day long, but… We all have those days.

Recently I had the opportunity to slow down and “consider my ways.” I’m the one who rarely gets sick, or plugs along even when I know I’m being ineffective. A nap? I don’t know how!

But recently I spent a couple of days in bed, finally went to my doctor and back to bed. I remembered that “He makes me lie down in green pastures” includes me today. I reflected on distractions, Godly purpose, and made commitments for better time use now that I’m back on track.

Instead of a week lost, it was a much-needed reassessment time.

Do you find yourself more distracted during this Covid time? How do you deal with it?