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Let's Get Healthy Challenge
If you’re dealing with Type 2 diabetes, maybe overweight, you might also be having struggles at home to get healthy. You know – you want to eat healthy and then someone brings home donuts! Or maybe you feel nagged to make changes you don’t want to make, even though you know there are consequences.

Maybe you’re the one who wants your type 2 spouse to get healthy. You’ve tried to get the message across. You think you’re encouraging him/her to eat better- but he sees it as nagging. Or thinks you’re teaming up with the doctor!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could talk the same language and stop stressing? Imagine both of you understanding how to communicate with each other without the hurt feelings, resentment or arguments over something as important as your health!

It’s probably no surprise that we’re all very different! Some of lead with our emotions. Others just jump in and take action. Others take time to think and ponder first.

When it comes to getting healthy there are dozens of groups and a new miracle cure every week. Goodness knows it’s confusing. But none focus on how you can work together as a team instead of pulling apart.


Day One – Diabetes Basics and Side Effects. Introduction to our Secret Weapon
Day Two – Food Confusion and Sabotage – including holiday recovery!
Day Three – Family Frustrations – What To Do and Have Fun in the Process.

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Good book to refer to friends
While I don’t have diabetes, I keep hearing of others who do. I thought it would be good to have a book to refer folks to — which I did immediately upon finishing reading it. I suggested my library get a copy, which they did.

Cynthia Ann Leighton, Owner, Software Enterprise Limited

Learning to Improve Health
Coming from a long line of type 2 diabetics, myself included, the possibility of improving instead of steadily progressing with more and more meds is certainly something that many of us would be happy to know more about.

Carol Bremner, Type 2 Diabetic, Internet trainer and consultant

His Job Was At Stake
Jack is a hazardous materials truck driver who had to reduce his diabetes numbers in one-week to keep his job. He called me for help to make this happen. I gave him an emergency eating list with instructions to make the most progress. A week later he called to say “We did it! I passed.” His blood sugar dropped from 220 to 108. His A1C dropped from 10.9 to 9.0. His one-week progress was enough for his employer to keep him on.

Jack Munson, commercial driver