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A Dozen Reasons to Resist the Diabetes Miracle-Cure Hype

Not all diabetes products are hype, but many are. While some true experts offer good non-prescription solutions, many are less than beneficial “miracle cures” created by marketers. How do you tell the difference? Here are a few things to think about.

  1. Unless you trust the known expert promoting a product, you won’t know what ingredients are really in it. Some claim a significant amount of a special ingredient, but it may be only a very small amount with other fillers.
  2. The latest breakthrough product is a one-size-fits-all that doesn’t take your unique needs into consideration.
  3. Some claim you don’t need to change your diet. No pill, organic or otherwise, works if you continue to eat the same amount of sugar and carbs.
  4. Some claim you can stop your prescription meds. Dangerous.
  5. Marketers are masters at manipulating emotions. The miracle cure was often discovered after a heart-wrenching series of events that led to a hunt for a cure.
  6. The sales letter claims it’s a doctor speaking, usually someone you’ve never heard of and can’t research. The person writing the sales letter could be a very good fiction writer.
  7. Big Pharma is NOT afraid of these “cures.” Medical doctors will not shut down the product if they find the ad.
  8. Sales pitches may have a grain of truth to sound credible, but not necessarily sound science.
  9. They usually don’t work. Marketers know most people won’t return products for a refund.
  10. If you chase miracle cures you may become passive in taking care of your health.
  11. If your medical doctor is convinced your diabetes is a life sentence with no recovery, find another doctor who understands nutrition, not another miracle cure.
  12. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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