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I couldn’t see my black cat in the dark…

She was meowing in the middle of the night. She woke me – again. I stumbled into the hallway toward the furtive cries.

I stood there trying to distinguish her in the dark, made more difficult against the hardwood floors and closed drapes. I spotted her on the sofa next to a favorite toy, waiting for me to find and praise her for her hunting prowess. She then followed me back to bed, purring loudly, her mission accomplished.

I compared this to not seeing my own blind spots. Stumbling through my mind like looking for my cat in the dark.

This time I’m the hunter seeking out my blind spots. I want the praise for finding it, but am I willing to let each one go when I do find them? Is it so dark that I can’t even see them against the darkness in that corner of my mind?

Well, it is a blind spot after all.

How about you? Do you ever take the time to discover a blind spot?